Double Ended Alligator Clips AMTOVL Crocodile Clip Wires Crocodile Clip Test Leads Alligator Clips to Alligator Clips 2Pcs Red Black Alligator Clip Cables Insulated Copper Alligator Clip Test Lead Set

  • Product Specification
    15A 18AWG: Each copper test cable consists of 50 copper wires,can withstand the maximum current up to 15A 18AWG. Cover with Soft PVC: Soft PVC has excellent electrical properties, mechanical properties, and is a good insulating material. Safety Alligator Clip Design: Alligator clip with safety insulation cover, safe and durable. Cale Length: 1m (including Double Ended Alligator Clips),it can help you with proper distance work and give you more convenience. The clips make it easier to grasp the battery you are trying to read, allows hands-free testing, great for remote spaces.
    • Product Details
  • Features:
    Current: 15A each cable
    Length: 1 meter each
    Wire Specification: 18AWG
    Cable Material: Soft PVC
    Clip Material: Copper
    Pins: 50
    Application: Charging, testing current

    Package Includes:
    2 x Alligator Clip Cables