P6100 100MHz Oscilloscope Clip Probes with BNC to Minigrabber Test Lead Kit 10:1 and 1:1 Switchable with Mini Alligator Clip and Ground Lead

  • Product Specification
    Oscilloscope Probe is An Electric Component That Connects Circuit-Under-Test and Oscilloscope Input. High Input Impedance (X10 Range) Adjustable Oscilloscope Probe that Is Compatible with the BNC Interface, Digital Oscilloscopes, Virtual Oscilloscopes, Handheld Oscilloscopes, etc 10:1 and 1:1 Switchable (Slide Switch on the Handle), Rise Time: 3.5ns, Tip / Head Style: 5mm. The Oscilloscope Probe is Plug and Play. The Alligator Clip Is Very Solid. It Is Not Easy to Disconnect Marker Rings in Different Colors Help to Identify Different Channels. Detachable Hook Tip, the Hook is Well Protected by the Plastic Case
    • Product Details
  • Product features:
    Usable with scopes having Bandwidth up to 100 MHz
    Universal oscilloscope probe 10:1 and 1:1 switchable bandwidth 100MHz
    Interchangeable Probe Tip. Modular Construction
    High Input Impedance (X10 Range)
    Low power consumption and energy-saving
    High sensitivity, excellent performance and reliable function
    Used with oscilloscopes from all manufacturers , equipped with the standard BNC connector

    Test lead of a BNC connector to (2) mini-grabber clips
    Keep this handy lead on hand for your next electronics project
    Lead length 48-Inch

    Probe Specifications:
    - Bandwidth: 100 MHz (10:1)
    - Rise Time: 3.5ns (10:1)
    - Attenuation Ratio: X1,X10
    - Input Resistance: X1: 1M2%; X10: 10M2%
    - Bandwidth: X1: DC- 6MHz ; X10: DC- 100MHz
    - Max input Voltage: X1: <200V DC + Peak AC; X10: <600V DC + Peak AC
    - Input capacitance: 10X:13-17pF ; 1X: 70-120pF
    - Compensation Range : 10 - 35pF

    BNC to Minigrabber Test Lead Specifications:
    Mini-grabber clips color coded in black and red
    Lead length 48-Inch

    Package include:
    2 X Probe
    2 X Protective Cap
    8 x Color ring
    1 x Regulating Rod
    1 x User Manual
    1 x BNC to Minigrabber Test Lead