3 in 1 Snooker Pool Cue Tip Tool Billiard Cue Accessories Shaper/Scuffer/Aerator

  • Product Specification
    Multifunctional 3 in 1 Tool C Including Shaper, Scuffer, Aerator, Help you to have better Ball Control. Quality Material - Made of Stainless Steel, Clear Instructions for use, can Hold Chalk Better and helps to Avoid Miscues. Scuffer Part - can Roughen the Surface of the Tip, make Chalk Stick to the Tip. Shape Part - can Shape tip to the Dome Curvature you want, Lightly Scrape the Tip by using a Rotation Motion. Tip Pick Part C Its used to Slightly Break up the Surface of Tip when it's New or it is Compressed for better Chalk Retention.
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  • Features

    1. Multifunctional 3-In-1 tool that shapes, scuffs and pokes cue tip, help you to have better ball control.

    2. Made of stainless steel, marked end to give you direction to which end performs which action.

    3. Scuffer part can roughen the surface of the tip, make chalk stick to the tip.

    4. Shape part can shape tip to the dome curvature you want, lightly scrape the tip by using a rotation motion.

    5. Tip pick part is used to slightly break up the surface of tip when it's new or it is compressed for better chalk retention.

    6.Lightweight and can fit easily into the players pocket or inside a cue case.


    - Material: Stainless Steel

    - Color: Grey / Red Wine

    - Size (Length x Diameter): Approx. 6.7 x 2.2 cm/2.6 x 0.9 inch

    Package included

    1 x 3-in-1 Pool Cue Tip Shaper