6 Set DC Motor Kit, Rectangular Mini Electric 1.5V-3V 24000RPM Motor with 6 x AA Battery Holder 86PCS Plastic Gears,Mounting Bracket,Boat Rocker Switch,Shaft Propeller for DIV Science Projects

  • Product Specification
    6 x DC Motor Kit 3.0 volt 24000RPM mini motor, with 6PCS motors + 6 PCS rocket switches + 6PCS battery holder case + 6PCS motor mounting bracket holder + 86PCS plastic gears + 5PCS 4 vanes propeller + 2PCS 3 vanes propeller + 100cm2 Heat shrink tube + 20PCS wires (10pcs/red,10pcs/black). Extra Battery HolderComes with 6pcs battery holder case, convenience for your need.
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  • Features:


    -Voltage: DC 3V

    -Rated Speed:24000 RPM

    -Motor Body Length;38mm/1.46"

    -Motor Body Diameter:27mm/1.06"

    -Shaft Size:10x2.0mm/0.39"x0.08"(L*D)

    -Mounting Hole Distance(center to center):15mm/0.59"

    -Will work with many power sources batteries and solar cells work perfectly

    -Great fun,perfect for science experiments and projects with electricity

    Package including:

    6 x DC Motor 3V 24000 RPM

    6 x Rocker Switches

    6 X 2 x 1.5V AA Battery Holder Case

    6 X DC Motor Mounting Bracket Holder

    20 X wires10pcs/red,10pcs/black)

    1X 100cm ⌀2 Heat shrink tube

    86pcs plastic gears(Random Color)

    5 X2mm shaft propeller with 4 Vanes

    2 X2mm shaft propeller with 3 Vanes(yellow)