Golf Putting Alignment Mirror Training Aid Eye Line Golf Training Mirror Practice Your Putting Alignment Mirror 12 X 5.5¡±

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    ¡¾Practice Putting¡¿Ensures proper ball alignment, club alignment, and setup position while promoting proper swing tempo ¡¾Reflective Surface¡¿Reflects your stroke movements for correcting wrong post.
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  • Description:

    This item is designed for correcting wrong stroke post for better putt.

    The mirror clearly reflects your movements to remind you to stroke in correct post, the printed line can ensure you look exactly to the putting line to improving putting alignment and also how far your putter should go back.

    This item is crafted by quality material, portable, lightweight and durable, you can use it in office and home for training whenever you want.

    It's ideal for golf lovers, especially for beginners.


    1. Reflects your stroke movements for correcting wrong post.

    2. Printed line for helping line up eyes to the putting line and how far should the putter go back.

    3. Work perfect to improving your putting alignment and stroke.

    4. Made of quality material, lightweight, portable and durable.

    5. A must for golf lovers, especially for beginners.


    Brand new and high quality

    Material: acrylic / PMMA

    Specification: 140*300mm

    Color: Mirror

    Material thickness: 4mm

    Application: Golf Course

    Package included:

    1* Golf Putting Mirror