2 in 1 Glass Cutter Tool Kit Glass Breaking Pliers and Glass Cutter Tungsten Hand-held Portable Glass Cutting knife for Ceramic, Glass and Mirror, Manual Tile Cutter with Glass Breaker

  • Product Specification
    1. 2 in 1 Glass Tile Cutter Tool Kit: Cutting blade and breaking pliers are constructed in one body, so you can craft your workpiece without complication and saves money from buying more tools. The package includes extra 2 bonus fine wheel blades, 4 pressure tips, and one screwdriver for replacing the blade. 2. Fine Tungsten Blade: Fine tungsten steel scoring wheel bladesenables clean and smooth cuts with high efficiency and little efforts. Main screw enables easy locking and quick release for a a more efficient workflow. 3. Ergonomic Handle: Ergonomic handle helps reduce wrist fatigue for a more efficient workflow. Whether youre a first-time tiler or a seasoned DIY pro, this tile cutters simple score and snap operation. 4. Portable & Easy to Use: It is only 245g/8.6oz, lightweight and portable. The connection between the blade and the body realizes semi-automatic rotation, making the cutting process straight without bending. 5. Application: The glass cutter pliers can be applied to 3-15mm / 0.12-0.59in glazed tiles, ceramic tiles, glass and mirror, making it an ideal tool for household and cutting work. Note: do not apply to tempered glass, unglazed tile, polished tile, vitrified tile, marble tile.
    • Product Details
  • 3 steps simple operation:
    1. Score the tile/glass. 
    2. Clamp the tile/glass. 
    3. Twist the rotary handgrip. Tips: Keep even force when cutting tile/glass. Aligns scored line with straight white line on the cutter body for accurate breaking.

    Operation guide:
    1.The force should be even when cutting, otherwise it will affect the intergrity og th disconnection.
    2. When cutting, use a steel ruler or auxiliary tool to complete a straight cut.
    3. When using the opener, four foot pads are on the front of the tile, and a separate foot pad is on the back of the tile.
    4. Cutting requieres skill, you can practice on unnecessary tiles pr glass.
    5. Wear gloves and goggles when working to avoid injury.

    Package included:
    cutter body*1
    extra carbide bades*2
    pressure tips*4