AMTOVL Pop Rivet Gun, 32 Inch Heavy Duty Rivet Gun Hand Riveter with 5 Nosepieces and 200PC Rivet, Works with Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel Rivets

  • Product Specification
    5 Replaceable Rivets HeadsPop Rivet Gun Kit with 5 sizes of rivet holes: 3.2mm, 4.0mm, 4.8mm, 6.0mm and 6.4mm, and equipped with 200pcs rivets meets your different needs. Comes with a Small WrenchEquipped with a small wrench is more convenient to install and remove rivets of different diameters. Superior MaterialThis hand riveter features an aluminum body, high grade alloy steel jaws, so it's tough enough to last a lifetime. Labor-saving DesignThe rivet gun adopt ergonomics design to greatly save your strength. 25% lighter, smaller and easier to handle than traditional sized lattice. Wide ApplicationThe pop rivet tool is used for fastening riveting in various metal sheet, pipe and other manufacturing industries. It is widely used in riveting of electromechanical and light industrial products such as automobiles, aviation, railways, refrigeration.
    • Product Details
  • Package List:

    1 PC rivet gun with 5 different sizes heads

    1 PC Head wrench

    80PCS 3.2mm rivets

    60 PCS 4.0mm rivets

    40 PCS 4.8mm rivets

    10 PCS 6.0mm rivets

    10 PCS 6.4mm rivets

    How to use Pop Rivet Gun

    1. Attach a correct size drill bit to drill.

    2. Place one of the objects to be joined on top of the other object where you want them joined.

    3. Clamp the objects firmly together.

    4. Drill a hole through both objects.

    5. Insert the long end of a pop rivet into the pop rivet gun.

    6. Push the short, wide end of the rivet through the holes in both objects.

    7. Squeeze the trigger of the pop rivet gun a few times until you hear and feel a pop. The gun has popped the mandril end off of the pop rivet and the two objects are locked together.

    8. Remove clamp from the objects.

    Precautions When Using Rivet Gun:

    1. Do not press the trigger of the rivet gun without working.

    2. Do not overload the pop rivet gun.

    3. Do not use the working pop rivet gun pointing at themselves or others.

    4. Always use the correct rivets; otherwise, the rivets will be stuck in rivet gun.

    5. Always wear safety glasses when operating the rivet gun.

    6. When operate pop rivet gun, ensure the tight connection of adapter.

    7. The rivet gun should be lightly oiled every day before use