Suitable for designers, engineers, mechanics to measure the thickness of tappet clearances, spark plugs gaps, bearing clearances, piston ring gaps and other hard to reach places.

12 in 1 Super Multimeter Probe Replaceable Probe Clamp Meter Test Lead Kits + Alligator Clips

AMTOVL Ring Terminals 40pcs Battery Cable Terminal Connectors Battery Cable Ends UL Listed AWG Crimp Copper Wire Ring Lugs with 40pcs 2:1 Heat Shrink Tubing Assortment Kit

Digital Multimeter Smart Touch Color Screen True RMS 6000 Counts Automotive Meter Analog Bar with Transistor Capacitor NCV AC/DC Voltage, Frequency, Capacitance, Resistance, Diode Continuity Tester

Double End Alligator Clips, AMTOVL Crocodile Alligator Clips 5 PCS 15A Test Lead Wire Cable with Insulators Clips Test Flexible Copper Cable for Electrical Testing 5 Colors

60W Automatic Soldering Gun Kit, Automatic Soldering Iron Gun Kit Welding Tool with Detachable Solder WireBracket and On/Off Switch, Solder Wire, Desoldering Pump, Solder Wick, 2Anti-static Tweezers